Cryptic Crosswords

Kevin is a member of the National Puzzlers League and has composed several cryptic crosswords that have been published in the NPL's monthly publication called the Enigma.

How to Solve Cryptic Crosswords An introduction to how cryptic crosswords are different from regular crosswords and the types of wordplay used.

A few puzzles to get you started below. Beginners should solve the warm-up puzzles before tackling the other puzzles. If you want help or hints or if you want to see more puzzles, just send me an email.

Warm-up Puzzles   Eight mini-cryptic crossword puzzles each demonstrating a different form of wordplay.       Solutions

Cryptic Crossword #1 (with the wordplay indicated after each clue)                                                               

Cryptic Crossword #1 (same puzzle as above but you determine the wordplay)        Solution

Cryptic Crossword #2 - Mother's Day               Solution

Cryptic Crossword #3 - Father's Day                Solution

Cryptic Crossword # 4 - Nines and Fives           Solution    

We welcome your feedback - are these too easy? too hard?

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